North Point

Educational Service Center

Vision/Mission Statements

Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as the best educational service center in the state.

We will improve student achievement and school performance through targeted technical assistance, direct services, and resource leveraging.

Core Values

We exist to improve student achievement and school performance. Our programs and services will meet both needs and enable all to succeed.

Our success depends upon high-performing people, working together towards achieving organizational goals. We value teamwork, integrity, effort and commitment.

We expect superior performance and accept responsibility for our actions and results. Each of us will carry out our duties in a manner that enables all of us to succeed.

Organizational Expectations

We will ensure the Center's programs and services consistently exceed standards of excellence.

We will provide high quality services that help schools to improve the performance of students.

We will utilize Center resources in an effective and efficient manner in order to maximize value and minimize waste.

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